Default HUD Files

A basic HUD consists of two files anyname.cfg and
(both files must have the same name)

Use a text editor to edit them.

Here you have the default files.
The hud file is formatted, cleaned up and labeled.
It should be easier to work with

if the link doesn't work try

Here you have the "raw" original version.


  1. i cant seem to download it, when i click on the link it takes me to a google thing askin me if i wanna create a website, and if i login to google account it tells me i have insufficent privelages to view the page....

  2. I have the same problem, but found the default edidet hud on

  3. Sorry. The link should work now.

  4. How did you get the default HUD?
    I looked in my quakelive folder but couldnt find anything.

    I just want to know where/how you got it.

  5. id Software/quakelive/baseq3/pak00.pk3

    If you want to open the file, check the "Images" post to find the instructions.

    After unzipping the file, check ui/

  6. Hey!
    Could you get the Defaul Large Hud style that you can select from the menu here?

  7. If the links for default huds don't work use: default hud minimal hud large hud