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What is the HUD? (Heads-up Display)

The information on your screen: health, armor, ammo, weapon, timer, etc.

You can change the size, position or color of these items.

I can tell you how to do some changes to the info you see on your screen:

  • position
  • size
  • color
  • background

Do you want to see a different HUD without installing anything?
(no permanent changes, you won't ruin any files or configuration)

1. Open a match.
2. Press "Esc"
3. Go to Game Settings / Intermediate
4. Choose Hud Style: small

Your hud changed!
You can go back and choose HUD style: normal if you want.

Multiple huds

It is easy to have multiple huds.
All you need is some binds:
bind 1 "seta cg_hudfiles ui/hud_01.cfg; loadhud"
bind 2 "seta cg_hudfiles ui/hud_02.cfg; loadhud"
bind 3 "seta cg_hudfiles ui/hud_03.cfg; loadhud"
bind 4 "seta cg_hudfiles ui/hud_04.cfg; loadhud"
bind 5 "seta cg_hudfiles ui/hud_05.cfg; loadhud"

Hud changes instantly.
No need to vid_restart.
(next time you play, you will start with the last hud you used)

If you have any comments or questions

See what others have done:

Share your creations and your knowledge.
Add comments and explanations to your HUD files.



  1. Quake Live Config Generator:


  2. DO people turn off the scoreboard in quake livew Decreasing their respawn time? Up the power of their bullets? IM not a pc geek ill need easier instructions then this hud --not 4 me to know but so i can tell everyone--even keel is better then cheaters

  3. "DO people turn off the scoreboard in quake livew Decreasing their respawn time? Up the power of their bullets? "

    Changing the HUD only changes the way some info is displayed on the screen.

  4. cant you upload your hud Borgondio?, i would like to have it in my hud-collection :)

  5. n1 work!!
    plz add a list with preview of all useful images to use for a hud or maybe a crosshair!!
    i can make it but youll have to let me know if you want to up such a list!!
    btw plz add cvartest explanation next, maybe my hud will help you with it by the crosshair triggers i wrote!!


  6. If you could send me the info you have
    of course I would post it!

  7. Thanks for all the work. You really did a great job with this.