Available Images

Do you want to see all the images you can use for you HUD?

They are inside the pk3 files.
The pk3 files are in the same folder where the UI folder is:
id Software /quakelive /baseq3

How to open those pk3 files

1.Download - quakelivedec -
QuakeLive beta files decoder 0.1
here's the link: http://aluigi.org/papers.htm#q3

2. Unzip it.
Copy the 2 files to c:/windows/sytem32

3. Windows taskbar > start > Run
quakelivedec file_to_decode.pk3 output_file.zip

The program will produce a zip file. Now, you can unzip it and see what images
you can use in you hud.


Let's copy the file qztourney8.pk3 to the directory c:/
(files can be anywhere, I chose this because it is easier to explain)

Windows taskbar > start > Run
you type
quakelivedec c:/qztourney8.pk3 c:/any_name.zip

Now you have a file named any_name.zip
Unzip it. You will see 5 folders. One of them is called "textures"
Inside this folder there are several folder with images.

You use this images with the command background.
for example:
background "textures/sf2/nlaunch.jpg"

It got easier

Thanks to TiabKeeg for this

Batch file to decode pk3 files

1. unzip, copy the folder to C://
2. Inside the folder you will find quakelivedec.zip, unzip and copy quakelivedec to C://windows/system32
3. put the pk3 files you want to decode in the "PAks" folder
4. double click "QL PAK to ZIP"
5. the decoded files are in the "ZIPs" folder


  1. Still don't understand this.

    1)I type in the exact location of the .pk3 file and the exact location of the .zip file and press run
    2)The DOS window pops up for a second and the disappears. =(

    I just wanna know how to insert the crosshair with 2 curves and a a dot... (crosshair 10)

  2. 1) Not sure I understand the problem.
    All you have to do is follow the instruction for the example, you will have a .zip file that you can easily open.


    background "gfx/2d/crosshairj"

  3. If ur DOS window is closing that fast I'm assuming you use vista, you have to open cmd.exe as administrator.

    start -> search -> find files/folders -> click on advanced search dropdown -> click on location dropdown & select "choose location" -> go to C:/windows/system32 -> find "cmd.exe" in your search result -> right click on cmd.exe & go to "run as administrator"

    DOS should now open, and just retype that command & it will work.