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Thanks for all the positive comments and e-mails.

(january 5, 2010)

My personal and professional life are keeping me really busy.

Viva Quake!

(june 24) added #define post

(june 24) added a new HUD

(june 12) The link to the default file should be finally fixed now.

(june 06) New section: "demo HUDS" hopefully I'll post a few more huds soon.

(june 05) For those of you who asked for it: here is the link to my hud.

(may 31) Take a look at the cvarTest post.

(may 27) See all available images. Open the pk3 files. See "images"

(may 25) new Edited Version of the default HUD file. Formatted, cleaned up and labeled. It should be easier to work with.

(may 24) instructions to uninstall a custom hud. check "install the HUD"
(may 24) correction about decoration. See " explained"

(may 23) new post "borders"
(may 23) new info in "backgrounds"
(may 23) examples for "position"
(may 23) new post "icons"
(may 23) new post "ownerdraw values"
(may 23) new post "ownerdrawflag values"
(may 23) added images and examples to most sections

(may 22) a couple of corrections in "text style" & " explained"

(may 19) take a look at the Crosshair examples